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Changes to the 2018 Tax Forms

Your 2018 1040 tax return will look very different than years past.  With the passing of the Jobs and Tax Act back in 2017, the Internal Revenue Service is experiencing the most substantial changes to the tax code in over 30 years.  These changes include edits to many of the forms you may be familiar […]

Starting 2019 Off Right: Planning for 2019 Taxes

It is important at the end of the year to start thinking about next year’s tax situation.  While it is likely too late in the year to fix any issues you had in 2018 with your withholding or estimated tax payments; but it is never too early to get your situation fixed going into 2019.  […]

An Open Letter From a Bankruptcy Lawyer: The Truth about Bankruptcy and Debt Relief

To Anyone Feeling Overwhelmed with Debt: As a bankruptcy attorney, my office deals with people who are going through stressful moments in their lives. Every day we help educate people on bankruptcy and debt issues. Hardest part about talking with individuals about debt relief options is combating the significant misconceptions about debt issues and bankruptcy. […]

Mortgages in Bankruptcy: How Secured Debt is Handled in a Bankruptcy

Mortgages in bankruptcy can be discharged, but the lien remains absent specific circumstances When considering bankruptcy, many people ask to leave their mortgage out of the bankruptcy. This is not possible; you must include all your debts. However, a mortgage is treated differently than your credit cards or personal loans, it is secured against property. […]

Small Business Video #2 – EIN

  Take a look at the second video in our video series about setting up your new business. Your Employment Identification Number (EIN) is an important part of your business. It is your business’s social security number. You will use this EIN with the Internal Revenue Service, banking institutions, and may other entities. It is […]

Top 4 Reasons Not to Ignore Tax Debt

Tax Debt: A Debt Not to Ignore Owing taxes may not seem like a big deal. Tax debt is not immediately reported on your credit and the IRS seems to only send collection letters. While it is true, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is not usually aggressive the first year you owe traditional income taxes, […]

Tax Consequences of Divorce

If you are considering getting divorced, you must speak with a divorce attorney immediately. There may be potential tax consequences of divorce. During what could be the most trying part of one’s life, it may be hard to think about how getting a divorce can affect your taxes.  There are many things that a person […]